Friday, 18 February 2011

Another scorcher - sun protection for kids

The summer in Perth this year is just going on and on and it's really not that easy to find children's swimwear that offers good protection from the sun. If you do find anything, it is either super expensive or not terribly attractive. With this in mind I designed a girly rashie (top) and longer shorts for my niece.


I made it from some lycra I found on the discount table at Textile Traders last year, so the whole thing only cost me about $5 to make. I lengthened and changed the top to make it more of a tunic/short dress style and added a ruffle around the bottom, long sleeves and a polo neck. The shorts are a simple pattern using only two pieces of fabric (no side seams) with an elasticated waist and zig-zagged hem. Unfortunately I made the neckline a bit too tight, but otherwise it is very practical and very sweet. My niece looks so gorgeous in it. Maybe I'll make a matching swim hat too.


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