Monday, 14 February 2011

Let's have a BBQ - BBQ cover tutorial

We have a very cute little Webber BBQ that sits on an old TV trolley. I have been using an old outdoor table cover to protect it from the elements, but it was way too big and the cover got caught in the wheels of the trolley every time we tried to move the barbie around. So the solution - cut up the old cover and make one that fits!

This isn't the best picture, but it was in an awkward spot. For fun, I decided to applique 'Tim BBQ chef' on the front of the cover in the hope that it would inspire DH to do some more BBQing!

Here is how I made it:

Step 1   I measured the BBQ (and the trolley) in several places and drew a little diagram with the measurements on it in cm. I added a couple of centimetres all around so the cover would go on and off easily, without being too tight.

Step 2   I cut out the fabric from the old cover, which was a nylony fabric with waterproof plastic backing. You could use oilcloth, tablecloth fabric or similar, sold in rolls from fabric stores (Homecraft in Vic Park, Perth has a good selection). 

I just measured the pieces from my diagram and marked where to cut on the wrong side of the fabric. I had two side pieces 67x50, A top piece 90x50 and front and back pieces, each 85x97. DON"T FORGET to add about 1cm seam allowance on all sides. I made the curves on the front and back pieces by folding them in half and tracing the curve of a big oval plastic platter I have (cost me about $2.50 in Woolies).

Step 3   For the applique, I wrote the words I wanted in a Word document and played with font style  and size until they were about right. Then I printed them out and traced them on to an old piece of white plastic shower curtain. I wanted it to be weatherproof. This also had the advantage that it wouldn't fray. Cut them out and glued them into place with a glue stick. Any glue that will hold them temporarily will be fine.

Then I stitched the letters on with white thread. I didn't worry too much about it being perfect.

Step 4   Once the letters were in place, I just sewed all the pieces together. The top and sides first then the front and back on to the sides. I found the middle of the top and matched it to the middle of the front and back before I sewed them together so it wouldn't be wonky. Then finish off the hem and it's done (I used the original hem of the cover and it didn't quite end up even at all sides, so I put a line of stitching in the front and back to even it up).

I thought it turned out pretty well and it's great having a proper cover that actually fits. Now I just need to sit back and wait for the BBQ chef to create something wonderful!


  1. Great idea- I've been watching our new-ish bbq start to go rusty in the wet weather :( MIght have to buy some jazzy oilcloth for this ...

  2. @KateS Thanks for the comment. I think oilcloth would look gorgeous but I wonder if it would fade in the sun. Good luck with your BBQ cover :)


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