Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ribbon roses tutorial

Yesterday I was immersed in creating a very girly present for my niece (this is a sneak peek, more later) when I realised I hadn't bought any little ribbon roses to put on it. Oh no! OK, deep breath, think....I can make those, surely! They weren't too hard at all. Here's what I did:

First I took some ribbon (this one is about 7mm wide, I also used very narrow ribbon to make smaller roses, see pictures at the end of this post), folded over the end and pinned it as shown.

Then I began to wind the ribbon around the pin, sometimes twisting it to give it more bulk and interest.

When I was happy with the size and shape, I cut off the ribbon and glued the end in place with a glue gun. I removed the pin and glued the base of the flower too so it wouldn't unravel.

Then I got a piece of green ribbon and made it into a figure of 8 shape, glued it in place on the base of the flower and that's it. You could also use PVA glue or sew the ribbon in place, but if it doesn't need to be washed, a glue gun is super fast and easy.

Hooray! On with the pink and frilly creation. Can't wait to show you...


  1. Hi, The little roses are so sweet and just what I needed to learn to make for a girlfriends wedding in November.
    You are so talented.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Perth is a great place to live.
    Big hug, Angela


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