Friday, 22 July 2011

Cosy winter suits for big BOYS

It has been really cold in Perth this winter. OK, I realise that a max of 15-18C during the day is not cold by North American or UK standards (I've spent several years in Canada and England so I know), but it still feels freezing! Every morning the boys come downstairs and immediately switch on the heater. I prefer not to have the heater on in the day so I made them some fleece all-in-one suits to keep them warm while they have breakfast and generally cavort around.

I used this Kwik Sew pattern, which I've used before several times, both to make fleece suits and to make a Yoda costume for my youngest (several modifications obviously necessary). It's a great pattern, easy and successful every time.

I had previously made these suits for the boys a couple of years ago. These old suits fitted everywhere except for the length and foot size, so I used the original pattern size with added length and bigger feet.

This is the kind of pattern you have to trace off the main page so it was quicker to do it this way (and used less fabric).

The boys requested appliques for their suits. Mr 5 wanted a sword from an X-Box game (thanks teenage neighbours!) called Soul Calibur. It's a blue crystal-encrusted sword that I made with blue lycra and silver fabric with black stitching detail. The main suit was made with black fleece. Here he is making his porridge.

 That's a sticker on the front :)

Mr 8 wanted a spider web with a skull and crossing swords amongst other things. I decided the spider web would be cool on its own (not to mention a lot easier!). I made it with white wool. I just sewed it freehand doing a star shape first, then the spiral part. I sewed the sleeves to the back before I did the applique so it could continue on to the sleeves. The suits were sewn together after the appliques were finished.

'Do I have to have a photo Mum?'

I made the cuffs different colours for each suit as it helps tell them apart when hunting for them on a messy floor in the semi-darkness. I made the sole from brown lino. It seems to be very hard wearing. I found it at the local fabric store. It looks like leather so I'm sure I can find other cool things to make with the scraps.

The suits have been worn every day since I made them a few weeks ago. A great success!


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