Saturday, 16 July 2011

Knitted summer top to circular scarf refashion tutorial

This is a super-quick little project that creates a cute and cosy little circular or infinity scarf.

Start with a knitted top or cardi. Mine was very loosely knitted, which worked well because it stretched out nicely once it was made.

This top was double-layered, so I opened it out to get one layer.

Then cut just below the arm holes so I got a nice chunk of knit.

Then I used my serger to sew a rolled, lettuce hem to the cut edge (stretch slightly as you sew). I found it worked best if I folded the edge over first (about 1cm) and sewed through both layers, otherwise the sewn edge tended to pull away from the fabric. You could also do this with a close zig-zag if you like.

And that's it. Stretch it out and put it on. Fab!

Wear it double...

...or single.

Love a quick project 

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