Friday, 29 July 2011

Refashion pinspiration (inspiration via Pinterest!)

I joined Pinterest about three months ago and I LOVE it. When I joined I spent a bit of time putting all my internet bookmarks with inspirational crafty and sewing pictures on to Pinterest. Now I just add any inspirational pictures, interesting tutorials etc. straight on to Pinterest into various categories that I have created: refashion, kids, for the home etc.. Anytime I need some ideas I just go to the appropriate pin board(s) and those creative juices just can't help but to flow! So much better than a list of boring bookmarks.

I thought I'd make a regular feature of sharing some of my Pinterest inspiration. My Pinspiration!

To begin, here are some of my favourite refashion ideas (you can see my entire 'Refashion' Pinterest board here):

1. 15+ t-shirt recycling DIY ideas by Greenwala
2. Sandal makeover by I Spy DIY
3. Silk shirt refashion by One Pearl Button
4. Skirt to little girl's dress by Ruffles and Stuff
5. Anthro vintage lace chemise DIY by Welcome to the good life
6. Long-sleeved t-shirt to ruffled cardi by Tea Rose Home
7. T-shirt to summer cardi refashion by Brassy Apple
8. T-shirt to girl's shrug by Brassy Apple

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