Saturday, 16 July 2011

Rainy school holidays - Help!

This winter in Perth is the wettest I can remember for a long time and that, combined with two energetic boys (three counting the dog) on school holidays, does not make life easy! We have been dashing out between showers to the park etc., but yesterday I had my parents coming for dinner and I just needed some time to prepare.

"Mum, can we make a cubby?"
I saw my chance and grabbed it "OK"

When my boys make a cubby it involves taking cushions from everywhere in the house and piling them up to make a little house in one of the lounge chairs. My heart usually sinks at the prospect. Today they chose the wrong chair to make the house and the cushions just wouldn't stay in place. The answer - total anarchy...

...with the little one getting the upper hand for once!

Well, briefly.

But I did manage to get some vacuuming done and clean the bathroom. Yay! Now, how to fill the next 30 minutes...?

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