Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Budding little scientists

I was a scientist in a past life, right up to the birth of my first child. I studied parasitic diseases of humans and animals and researched new drugs to cure them. I loved the lab, the learning and the fun people (and the conferences in exotic locations were rather nice too). I don't miss my research career, but I do like to encourage a love of science in my boys. They are always so enthusiastic about it all.

I bought this kit some time ago, which has been by far the best kit we've had. It is called 'Mind Blowing Science' and I got it from the Australian Geographic Shop. It has all the things you need for lots of really interesting, fun and often spectacular experiments. Every now and then we get it out and do a couple more from the booklet - we still haven't tried them all, there are loads.

This time we did two different volcanos. The first one was made on a plate and erupted with fizzy, coloured bubbles...

The other one was an 'underwater' volcano in a test tube - love a test tube!

We all played happily for ages!

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