Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I just popped....to the Op Shop

I am lucky to live near several large and exciting (for me) Op Shops (or thrift stores). Whenever I feel at a loose end or in need of some retail therapy, chances are I'll head to one of them. I always find something, actually usually several things, but I think it's totally justified to buy something cheap and donate to charity at the same time!

I always buy my fruit and veggies at a large warehouse market. I love it there as there is lots of fresh, locally grown produce as well as huge sacks and bins of dried food like rice, flour, beans etc. that you can serve yourself into bags. The kids LOVE that part, but I try to get there on my own for obvious reasons! Anyway, after the 'ordeal' of buying groceries I always reward myself with a visit to a small op shop nearby. This is what I found today:

Two pillowcases ($1) just begging to be made into a summer skirt or girl's dress.

Some green linen fabric ($1) and some hessian ($3), both are very large pieces.

A pretty scarf ($2).

A nice top with an pleated neckline ($5).

And a rather good designer label! OK, this was $10, which is a bit over my usual op shop budget, but it's my birthday this week so I'll have a splurge :)

What a lovely time I had  

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