Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Carrot surprise

We have a loquat tree in our tiny garden. It's a lovely looking tree and at this time of year it is laden with beautiful golden orange loquats. They are nice to eat, although not everyone likes them, but you need to be quick as they turn brown after two or three weeks.

These trees seem to be quite rare as we always get lots of interest in the loquats from passers by. We encourage people to pick them as we couldn't possibly eat them all ourselves.

Last Friday there was a knock on the door at dinner time. There was a lovely girl with a bunch of spectacular home-grown carrots to swap for some loquats. I was thrilled! I've never seen such amazing carrots. Apparently they are an heirloom variety.

After we sampled them raw, I made the rest into a delicious stir fry. Just look at the beautiful colours in these.

They made my day. Thank you lovely neighbour 

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