Monday, 5 December 2011

Ikea rug to Mexican poncho costume

Mr Six was involved in an assembly item at school. The assembly had a multicultural theme and the children were required to dress in clothes from another country. A quick raid of the dressing-up box revealed nothing more multicultural than Star Wars and Ben 10 costumes, but we did discover a Mexican sombrero at the back of the wardrobe.

Now we just needed a poncho.

I found an old Ikea rag rug and we were in business. Mr Six even did most of the work himself! This is what we did:

Fold the rug diagonally and cut it to a square shape.

Fold the square in half...

...and in half again

and cut a little bit off the top corner to form a hole to put your head through.

Trim the hole to the right size (the rug is stretchy so don't make it too big). I made a v-neck shape pointing to one of the corners for the front of the neck. I also finished off the raw edge with a narrow strip of black jersey fabric (or use bias binding) and made a little felt embellishment for the front.

Then add wool tassels to all the sides that don't already have them. We used a loop/hook rug making tool but a thick needle would be fine.

 He did all the tassels by himself and was so proud of his efforts!

And it's done. He just wore all black underneath. The assembly performance was adorable. They all looked SO cute in their international costumes, I have to admit to a couple of teary moments!


Joy said...

Very clever idea! The tiny poncho is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is exactly what I'm after for my 11 year old to wear to a Mexican themed party :)Claudia

Megan O said...

Fantastic! I'm sure you'll both have fun making it. Have a great party :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for a poncho for a costume for awhile now but refuse to pay so much for something that will be worn maybe once. I'll be hitting the shops to find a rug now. Thank you so so much :-)

Anonymous said...

it is so cool i need to make one because i am studying mexico at school and we need to dress up. thanks for the idea.


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