Sunday, 18 December 2011

Quick fixes - update a t-shirt with a shirred hem

I haven't had time to blog over the last few days as we've been completely consumed by an incident involving my mother-in-law. MIL was flying over to Perth from Canada when she became confused due to fatigue during the flight. The airline took her off the plane in Hong Kong and sent her to hospital for medical assessment. The hospital cleared her to continue her journey but the airline insisted that she be accompanied by someone on the flight. A friend in Hong Kong was able to visit her in hospital and offered to accompany her to Perth. However, this was refused at the check-in gate as he didn't have an Australian visa and the airline offered no help in getting him through, even though he was going to fly directly back to HK and not stay in Perth at all. They also wanted to charge him an airfare four times the usual last minute rate. Eventually my husband had to fly out to HK to sort things out (again at our expense, not theirs). It is now three days since my MIL was taken off the plane in HK. We are hoping she and my husband can return to Perth tonight. We have been appalled at the lack of information, lack of assistance and poor treatment by the airline - Cathay Pacific. They have offered my MIL and our friend no help, food or accommodation whatsoever apart from a Starbucks coffee voucher! We are planning to take this further once we get everyone home again. If anyone has any ideas or similar experiences I would love to hear them.

Anyway, back to the crafting. Today I'm showing you a very quick t-shirt update using shirring. I have done this before, but always used my 'cheat's shirring method' as I couldn't get the sewing machine method to work properly. Well, I am pleased to say that I can now do machine shirring and it's incredibly easy!

I think I was going wrong with winding the shirring elastic on to the bobbin. I had been carefully winding it by hand. Wrong idea! This time I just wound the elastic on to the bobbin automatically using the machine bobbin winder and sewed as normal. And it worked! Yay. Thanks to my friend Amanda for telling me this trick, I will be using it often.

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