Thursday, 26 January 2012

Camping in paradise

Just back from a lazy week camping in Dunsborough, which is about 3 hours drive south of Perth, WA. Ah the joys of camping! I missed my bed but I LOVED being out all the time in the fresh air. We basically lived at the beach and had picnics for every meal. Bliss.

The first night it was fish and chips. Yum. I have no idea who the smiley guy is but he sure brightened our picture!

We needed something quick to eat that first night as we arrived to find that we had a tent but the poles were still sitting in our garage at home. This turned out to be my fault as I packed all the clothes, food and camping equipment while Mr Meggipeg was at the library choosing some holiday reading. Anyway, after a quick dash to Dunsborough village we bought a tent (from a very small selection), which was fine, but rather cosier than our usual tent!

Truffle spent every night bed hopping...

...and every day swimming.

The boys went fishing for the first time...

...and both caught fish (but we're softies so we threw them back)

Such a special time. Loved it. See you soon Dunsborough 

Stay tuned for some pictures of our meggipeg holiday outfits!


poppykettle said...

Ahh, you remind me it's time I came out west again. A few years back I realised in embarrassment that I've seen more of other countries than I have of my own - since then I've been on a mission to go away on weekends more often, and see more local things. WA really does have SO much to offer!

Megan O said...

You are so right, I have also spent way more time visiting every little pocket of foreign countries, while neglecting my own. I've grown up in Australia and never even been to Sydney!! My next mission is to do the north of WA, but it's so big and harsh I'm just a little bit scared!


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