Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fun with flashing

'What kind of flashing?' I hear you ask, possibly with raised eyebrows. Well, not that kind, this was aluminium flashing - and much more fun!

I first had the idea for this when I saw this post for a DIY chic metal belt (Geneva's blog is gorgeous and well worth a read by the way). I bought a roll of aluminium flashing from Bunnings for about $14. The boys fell on it when I brought it home and immediately started cutting and hammering. Of course, being boys, they had to make armour! They got pretty creative though and it was so much fun to work with this stuff - it cuts with scissors, bends with fingers or pliers and is easily hammered into any shape. Make sure children are supervised with tools and that all sharp edges are turned in and hammered down.

After much industrious work, here are some of the things we ended up with...

Belt and arm cuffs made by my 8 year old

with double sword carrier and dagger holders!

And this incredible helmet designed by my six year-old.

Good, cheap, creative entertainment - the best kind :) I'd love to see what you made if you try this. I wonder what gorgeous things girls might create with this lovely silver.


  1. Hi Megan,
    I have been surfing thweb trying ti find some coloured aluminium flashing with no luck here in Australia and from o/s is too expensive . I don't suppose you know of an outlet ? Am thinking I may have to get my family drinking soft drinks out of cans and cutting them open !!!
    My email

    1. Hi Cheryl, I haven't come across coloured flashing. I just got mine in Bunnings warehouse, one of the bigger stores. I wonder if you could use paint or even coloured Contact paper. Drinking soft drinks is a big sacrifice to make, but maybe it has to be done in the name of crafting! What are you planning to make? Good luck.


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