Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Victoria Beckham-inspired parachute dress

Do you remember a few weeks ago I blogged about some VB dress designs. Well, I was at the annual Homecraft Textiles 50% off sale and I found some fabric that I thought would be good for making a version of this dress (source):

The fabric was a nylony, parachutey type of fabric. I love this type of fabric, although I never really know what to make from it. I liked the two colours together, grey and deep, dusty blue, and I decided to use the grey for the skirt and blue for the top of the dress. The only reason for this was that the grey was thicker fabric and better suited to the skirt. 

I changed the style of the dress to have a lower neckline as I think this suits me better. I also added some little sleeves, which were cut as part of the top.

I made the top based on a t-shirt pattern and just added a bit at the front to accomodate the gathers. From the above picture I think maybe I added too much. I am not pregnant!! The gathers are made by stitching facing to the neckline, threading a ribbon through the front part of the neck facing and stitching in place at the shoulder seams.

The skirt is made with a rectangle of fabric sewn into a cylinder. I attached the skirt to the top and elasticated the lower edge of the top.

I like that this is such a simple design, which is easy and comfortable to wear. I wore it here at a very casual evening BBQ at the river, but I think it could be dressed up into a smart casual outfit. And the cost? Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was a bit cheaper than the VB version. Mine cost me $4.

It was a gorgeous evening. I'll leave you with a picture of our view as we ate our picnic, just after seeing a dolphin come right in to shore chasing a fish - bliss!


  1. This looks great! I love your re-interpretation :) I've been a huge fan of VB's collections since the start. Gorgeous, feminine and flattering at every turn. Although I do prefer your neckline than the inspiration piece! Great photos and super cute pooch!

    1. Thanks! You are always so kind with your comments. I'm thrilled you like the neckline - and the pooch xx


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