Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Jalie 3132 nursing hoodie

In a recent post I mentioned that I'd made a breastfeeding top for my sister who has just had a baby. I know there is considerable interest in this Jalie pattern so, as promised, here is some more info about this top. The pictures are of me wearing the top, not my sister.

I made it using Jalie 3132 in size U. The breastfeeding options are shown below in the patterned and teal fabrics. I've made the regular top previously as a t-shirt, which you can see here and here.

Unlike my previous versions of this pattern, I followed the pattern exactly for this top apart from making the sleeves full length. I chose the shorter version of the top, although it is still quite long on me and I'm fairly tall. My sister is even taller (almost 6 foot) so it should be fine on her.

I made the hooded version and I really like the sporty style of this top. The fabric I used was fairly heavy t-shirt fabric from Textile Traders. It worked out really well for this top as it's heavy enough not to be see-through, but still wearable on the cool, but not cold, days we are having here in Perth. It's a comfortable weight for wearing inside the house too.

This photo (above) shows a close-up of the pocket detail. I attached the pocket by sewing the bottom edge right sides together first, then topstitching, which differs slightly from the Jalie instructions. The pocket is quite small for my big hands, but the proportions look fine on the top. You can also see the flap of fabric that lifts to allow breastfeeding. When the nursing flap is lifted... reveals a singlet-style top that can be easily pulled aside to allow breastfeeding (excuse my bra here!). My sister has already worn this and tried it out and she says it works beautifully for breastfeeding. The raw edges of the singlet are finished with a serged stitch.

I finished the hood with grommets and used some wool with pom poms as the tie.

I am really pleased with this top. It is not at all obvious that it's meant for breastfeeding and the nursing flap just adds to the sporty style of the top. The pattern is great and easy to follow. My sister loves it and wants me to make her another one. She would like one long enough to wear as a dress or tunic with leggings for winter. Anyone who has breastfed knows that dresses don't quite work when out in public!! I can't wait to get started :)

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  1. Oh dear, I left you a comment on this hoodie days ago and it seems to have disappeared! :( That is weird... but I said I thought this is a gorgeous hoodie, one that your sister will be thrilled to receive. You are a generous and thoughtful sister!
    And thank you for your comment on my ombre dyed skirt! I hope you do give it a go, and please let me know when you have so I can admire your results!


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