Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A bit of fun

While waiting in for the oven repair man this morning, I've put together an entry to win a year's supply of Spencer Lacy clothing worth $4000! Entrants have to submit a photo of the place they'd like to wear a SL outfit. The most creative entry wins. I love SL, so I thought I'd give it a go. Maybe I should start a new career as a poet...yeah ok maybe not, but there's not a lot that rhymes with 'lacy'.

This was put together using the free online photo editing software Picmonkey. I use it for most of my photo editing since we no longer have Photoshop after switching to a Mac. You can do some pretty cool things with Picmonkey. Let's hope the judges like my collage!

Well, the oven man has now been and gone and the oven remains unfixed. Looks like I won't be doing that baking today after all. I wonder what other competitions I could enter...


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