Monday, 25 June 2012

Simple bed canopy tutorial with 'no sew' option

This tutorial is part of my
Bedroom makeover series
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After we refashioned JJ's bed from a standard single into a child-size single, I made this canopy in the hope that it would further encourage him to actually sleep in the new bed! I'm pleased to say that he loves this canopy. It's light enough so that when it's pulled closed, air can still circulate inside making it safe to sleep in.

This was really easy to make and took less than an hour.

What you need:
Two sheer tab top curtains (mine were on sale in Ikea, $5 for the pair).
A hoop, available from toy shops.
Some ribbon or fabric tape to hang the hoop.
Metal rings and a ceiling hook.

To start with, sew the two curtains together side by side. If you don't have a sewing machine, you could just leave them separate.

Cut the hoop with a saw...

...and thread the curtains on to the hoop.

Tape up the hoop.

Cut two lengths of ribbon approximately twice the diameter of the hoop (length will vary depending on how high you want this from the ceiling).

With the curtains spaced evenly around the hoop, loop the four ribbon ends on to the hoop and pin in place. Sew or use safety pins to secure ribbon. You may want to sew the ribbon near the ring to stop it sliding around. I didn't do this and should have done :)

Attach the ceiling hook and you are ready to hang your canopy.

A cosy hideout.

This cool 'treasure chest' was spotted by JJ on the verge during a council clean-up. I was ordered to stop the car and collect it. It needed a good airing out, but it's great for storing light sabres and Nerf guns and, I must admit, it's got character!


Anonymous said...

I know this was years ago but I'm curious how this worked out...did he knock it off the hook very often? Did he ever pull it down or pull the hook out of the ceiling? I've been wanting to make a faux canopy for my nearly 5 year old but she's a bit rambunctious.
Thanks! I love your work!

Megan O said...

Hi Jen, we actually never had an issue with the hook falling out or anything. I told my son not to pull on it, but sometimes it was accidentally tugged and nothing went wrong. We no longer use it but the hook is still there. The main issue was the curtain not staying evenly around the hoop. If the straps were fixed in position this might help. Good luck!

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