Friday, 31 August 2012

Last day of Restyle - Day 31

Well, I've gone a whole month wearing at least 50% op-shopped or refashioned items every day and I haven't bought anything new!

This last outfit:

  • Coffee coloured top - ombre dyed in blue by me.
  • Denim jacket - refashioned sleeves by me.
  • Jeans and shoes - my own.
I've enjoyed this challenge. It has forced me to look deeper into my wardrobe for op-shopped clothes that I hadn't worn much (or at all). It has also inspired me to rummage through a rather large stash of clothes kept for refashioning, that were really just taking up space before. Now I have some 'new' (refashioned) clothes that I'll actually wear. On top of that, I've used some pieces of op-shopped fabric to make a jacket, top and jeans that I'm very pleased with.

Here's a quick overview of the month:

Thanks for coming on this ride with me. I already have some more things to show you, including an exciting refashion. I will post some more things in the next few days :)


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I value every single one.


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