Friday, 17 August 2012

Restyle Day 17

Details of my outfit for Day 17 of the Restyle Challenge:

  • Spicysugar black and grey cardi - op shopped a couple of years ago, approx $4.
  • Black Bellabwear top - my own.
  • Grey jeans - Jalie jeans made in a skinny, cargo style by me. More info here.
  • Crocs shoes - my own.
Today when I snapped this photo, a man came running over to me. He was concerned that he had been included in my picture! I showed him this photo, in which you could see him as a speck in the distance (I've cropped him out now but you can see him below). He said that he was embarrassed about having his picture taken and would prefer not to be in the photo. I said I'd cut him out of it and he agreed to let me keep it, before hurrying off again. I wondered afterwards if perhaps he was wanted by the police or something. Have you seen this man stalking (and accidentally photobombing) fashion bloggers???


Carolyn said...

Yikes, how embarrassing!! I have to admit, I am VERY careful to pick and choose my locations and my backgrounds; and only take my own photos in places where there is never going to be anyone in the background if at all possible; touristy places like Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower not withstanding! I think I might be uncomfortable with an identifiable picture of me appearing without my knowledge on the internet too.... :)

Megan O said...

I totally agree and always check that no one is watching me take photos of myself as I feel such a vain fool! I didn't even notice this guy as he was so far away. Also, I use the 10 second timer on the camera so I never know if someone has inadvertently wandered into the picture. I have asked for a camera remote control for my next birthday :)


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