Saturday, 4 August 2012

Restyle Day 4

In keeping with the commencement of the athletics at the olympics, I'm wearing my sporty op shop outfit today. The jacket is for Triathlon Australia. I thought it was cool that it had 'Australia' written across the back. Anyone who knows me would be laughing at this as I am the least sporty or athletic person around. I always came last in school races and so envied those other kids who finished the sports day covered in ribbons. So, here I am pretending to be an athlete! I can't believe anyone would give this to an op shop. If I was legitimately representing my country in this jacket, I would keep it forever. Maybe the original owner had so many she didn't mind letting this one go.

So, here I am wearing:
Fila triathlon jacket - op shop from a couple of years ago, approx $5.
Green Esprit long sleeved t-shirt - op shop, $4.
Track suit pants made from sports mesh found recently in Good Sammy's for $5/roll, self-drafted pattern.
DKNY shoes - Paraquad quarterly jumble sale, Shenton Park, $7

Totally op-shopped for the Restyle challenge!

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