Monday, 6 August 2012

Restyle Day 6

I'm not sure I managed to wear 50% op shopped items today, so I made up for it by wearing my self-made red jeans.

I'm sporting:
Bliss denim jacket - op shopped ($10) and refashioned by me. Blogged about here.
Black Bellabwear top worn under jacket - bought from Ozsale and worn endlessly!
Red jeans - made by me using Jalie pattern 2908 and blogged about here.
Black boots - bought from Airflex.

See ya,


  1. Got a bit of a biker look going today! :) Just checked out your post to your red jeans (there's this giant black hole of posts I missed during April/May from being on holidays) and I think they're amazing. LOVE the angular zips - the CR version that inspired them are awesome too - although I much prefer your red ones!

    1. That's me, the bad biker of the meggipeg chapter! Thanks for the comment, I'm thrilled you like them better than the CR version :)


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