Thursday, 9 August 2012

Restyle Day 9

Boo! Today for the Restyle challenge I am wearing:

  • Rivers knit dress - op shop, $6.
  • Sportsgirl ruched leggings - op shop, $3.
  • Bellabwear long sleeved t-shirt - bought from Ozsale.
  • Boots, bought from Airflex.
  • Watch - op shop, $20.
It was a glorious winter day in Perth today and the trees were making beautiful shadow patterns on the grass. 

In other news, the DIY plumbing I was attempting yesterday turned out to be a much bigger problem that even I could not fix!! The plumber has been with the depressing news that we have a leak inside our wall and they are coming back in the morning to drill dirty great holes in our brickwork, possibly in the sewing room (shock, horror!), family room and bathroom wall tiles to try to find it. OMG, I can hardly bear to think about the chaos and destruction. Wish me luck.

'til tomorrow,

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