Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Teal we meet again: Jalie jacket pattern 2795

I've bee sewing again. This time it's another Jalie jacket, pattern 2795. I have previously made a similar Jalie jacket using pattern 2679, but it was time to try this one as I've had the pattern for a while now and winter is early over.

The pattern has a hooded ad on-hooded version. I decided at the last minute to leave off the hood, even though I had it cut out and sewn together. I think I'd have put it on if my hair was shorter, but my hair just ends up covering the hood, which then creates a strange hunchback-like bump. Well, that's what it looked like to me as I peered round in the mirror at my pinned-on hood. So I left it off.

I was very happy with this pattern. I chose a size U, which was 3cm less than my measurement at the bust. The fit is just right.

As part of my Restyle challenge, where I try to wear op-shopped items every day in August, I chose fabric that had been purchased from the op shop. I've had both these fabrics for quite some time and I can't remember what they cost me, probably around $3 for a huge piece of the patterned fabric and $2 for the teal. Both are two-way stretch, t-shirt weight fabrics and, although the Jalie pattern is meant for thicker fabric, such as fleece, I like the practicality of a lighter jacket as we move towards spring. The pattern worked well in this fabric, although the collar is a bit floppy.

Although I had plenty of the patterned fabric to make this jacket, I thought this might be a bit much, so I broke the pattern up with the teal fabric. I was very pleased when I went through my stash and found how well these two went together. The main body of the jacket is patterned and the sides, undersides of the sleeves, collar, cuffs, waistband and pockets are plain. I'm really pleased how this turned out.

I've made several Jalie patterns now and, like the others, this one was clear and straightforward to make. There are a LOT of pattern pieces though and I found I'd forgotten to cut out a couple as they were labelled 'cut 2 on fold' and I'd only cut one set the first time around. Luckily I had enough leftover fabric. Using the patterned fabric was also a bit challenging, especially as it was quite stretchy. I was careful to cut the pieces out so the pattern matched, but I ended up inserting the zip three times before I was satisfied that the pattern lined up.

Overall I'm really pleased with this jacket. It is just warm enough to wear today (windy, 17C) with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath. The stretchy jersey fabric also means it's super comfortable. The pattern combination worked out well and I'm pleased that it's very one-of-a-kind.

This last picture shows some of the jacket detailing in the sleeves and pockets. I also added a scrap of teal fabric on to a small plumber's washer and attached it to the zip pull for a extra bit of detail.

A very enjoyable and successful project. Thanks for reading :)


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Great looking jacket! Love the colour.

fabric epiphanies said...

I love the way you have pieced your jacket. I have lost count how many times I have made this one up. I have just finished one as well that I am waiting on the rain to stop to blog about.

Megan O said...

Thanks Pam :) Teal is one of my all time favourite colours. I'm so pleased I re-discovered this fabric deep in my stash!

Megan O said...

I've just had a look at the Jalie jackets on your blog - yes, you have made this a lot! I love the teenage boy versions. I'll look forward to seeing your latest one when the rain stops, Cheers!


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