Monday, 11 February 2013

Burda on a bike (Burdastyle 11/2012, 124 & 128)

 We have just come to the end of a long, long Christmas and summer school holiday here in Perth. Towards the end I was flailing around for things to entertain the boys and one day we went to a big shopping centre to look at books (again) and toys (again!). In between, I scooted into the newsagent and noticed the November, 2012 issue of Burdastyle magazine (yes, in January 2013 - we're a bit behind here). I have not bought this magazine for probably 20 years (gasp). The pictures looked pretty good so I decided to treat myself as a reward for providing 8 weeks of school holiday entertainment ;)

As I snatched a cup of tea at home, between refereeing fights and whipping up (more) snacks, I found that I liked quite a few of the designs in this issue. Once the school term started again last week I was ready to make something.

I started with this skirt (No. 124) and top (No. 128).

Burdastyle website
When I saw this skirt, I thought it was made from a sturdy knit fabric. It turned out to be a woven, but I'd already planned to make it from some heavy cotton lycra in my stash and then I couldn't picture it in anything else! I decided to go ahead and use the lycra.

Well I've read about he difficulty of tracing the Burdastyle patterns, but it was worse than I'd imagined. It took me quite some time to even locate the right pattern pieces amongst the chaos of lines and I was pleased there weren't many pieces to trace. Nowhere did I see mention that seam allowances were not included so I merrily traced the pattern, cut out my fabric and finished my skirt without them. It wasn't until I later read a Burdastyle review that mentioned the seam allowances that I realised my mistake.

However, all was fortunately not lost. I had traced my size according to the size chart and, as it turned out, this was perfect without seam allowances in the knit fabric. Absolutely perfect :) Moral, if you want to make this in stretch fabric, cut your size without seam allowances! I left the zip off as it was not necessary. I also made the welt pockets as faux pockets as the pocket line would have been visible under the knit fabric. I lined the welt with some striped knit fabric left over from my Drape Drape top (also pictured below). I'm not sure if I traced the right line for the pockets as they ended up too close to the side seams, but they're ok.

Once I'd finished the skirt, I decided I'd quickly make the top too. Yay for school holidays being over!

The top was also cut to my measurements, but with seam allowances this time! There is plenty of room in this so it would be fine to go down a size or two if you wanted a less baggy result. I made it from a knitted fabric that I had bought ages ago in an op shop for $3. It is mainly pink, but with traces of blue wool so it goes with the skirt. These pictures are not clear as they are taken with my 11 year old digital camera while my beloved Canon is in for repair.

The jumper went together very easily. I needed to gather the sleeves to get them to fit into the cuffs as my fabric was not super stretchy. This worked fine as I used zig zag stitch to preserve the stretch. Overall this is a very comfortable and easy to wear outfit. I have already worn the skirt a few times, not the jumper though, as it's 41C here and I could hardly bear to wear it for these photos!

Now I'm waiting for the December 2012 issue to come out here. Maybe sometime in Feb 2013. I'll keep checking that newsagent :)


  1. Hi there, I am a Perth lady too and am wondering where you located the Burdastyle magazine. The only place I have ever seen it is at the newsagent at Forrest Chase. By the way, I love your skirt and I use cotton lycra a lot. Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy, I found it at the big newsagent at Garden City. I have been told it's also available at Dog Swamp newsagent. Good luck finding one and thank you for the comment :)

  2. I like both items. Such pretty fabric. I also like your retro style photos. I know what you mean about Burda, we are getting early autumn issues in store now as well. I must look out for this issue. I use plastic sheeting for my drafting and a Sharpie, it is really easy!

    1. Thank you :) I'm pleased the photos look ok as I was using my first ever digital camera and I wasn't sure I'd get anything decent with it. The file sizes are tiny and so quick to upload! Now what is this plastic sheeting you speak of and where do you get it? Sounds like a fab idea xx

    2. I use cheap sew-in interfacing. But plastic sheeting? That sounds intreaging. Where do you get it?

  3. So not too burdensome, the Burda?! I love the skirt and the 'pockets' look very clever.

    I too have had to make do with an old camera (though half the age of yours) when I knocked a cup of tea over the good Nikon (and I was blogging!)!

    1. Well, burdensome as far as tracing the pattern, but unburdensome from then on! Gasp about the cup of tea ruining your camera, you must have been so upset. I use my camera so much now and love the pictures it can take (although I have sooo much to learn). I feel quite lost without it! Have you googled the problem, I think there are things you can try. Good luck :)

  4. Your skirt turned out very nice. I have not made that yet from my magazine and sure would like to after I get some kids clothes done. I also have some trousers from this issue on my list. Let me know if you get to them first!


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