Thursday, 21 February 2013

What lies beneath (Amerson undies by Madalynne)

I recently stumbled across this new underwear pattern. It's by the lovely Madalynne and it's free! You can download it here. The pattern is beautifully presented as a downloadable pdf file with clear diagrams and instructions (and some further notes here). There are also some gorgeous photos on Madalynne's blog of this pattern and others she is working on. Well worth a look - I wish I looked like that model in my new knickers!

The pattern is somewhat unusual as it's made from woven, rather than knit fabric. Also, it has the elastic on the outside! These features combine to make a very cute pair of knickers that would be perfect to wear under loose clothing on a hot day, or perhaps on their own for a private soiree ;) They are not really suitable for wearing under close-fitting clothes as their outline will show.

To make these, I used a scrap of light, microfibre-type fabric that has been sitting in my stash for an embarrassingly long time. Instead of elastic, I used a 2cm wide strip of lycra, folded lengthways into thirds. I cut it to the same length as suggested for the elastic and attached it with a triple zig-zag stitch. This worked perfectly as an elastic substitute and looks better as a design feature than basic elastic. I made a little ribbon bow for the front.

These are not difficult to make, but it does take a little time to fold and stitch the hems and attach the 'elastic'. They are very comfortable to wear, but are cut a bit more cheekily at the back than the knickers I usually wear. Ooh la la! It was nice to take the time to finish these properly as they do look and feel a bit special.

Thank you to Madalynne for this lovely pattern.


SavageCoco said...

These are very cute. Do they ride up in back as you walk around? Requiring the tug of shame? I don't think these would fit me. Without full combat cheek coverage, I end up with lots of lingerie about the waist and full exposure below. However, I think I may test Mad's pattern for fun. Thanks for the review.

Marianna said...

Beautiful colours! And they look perfect.

But I do feel the the tug of shame coming on just looking at them (thanks to the commenter above for putting it so eloquently):-)

Megan O said...

Ha ha - the 'tug of shame'. These actually don't tend to ride up at the back when walking (bending is more problematic), but because they are already sitting higher on the bum than my usual undies, I do get the occasional urge to tug. Then I remember they are already where they are supposed to be. I think I would add a bit of cheek coverage and possibly make them sit a bit higher on the hips too if I made these again. You are hilarious!

Megan O said...

Thank you. Yes they do look adorable on the mannequin. Slightly less so on me, but they are fun and super cute. Please refer to my previous comment for 'tug of shame' info!

Carolyn said...

They do look really cute, but I'm not sure about that elastic on the outside ...
I found the Tried and True knickers by The Maker's Journal to be a wonderful design, if you're looking for a good one for wovens.
I'm sorry I didn't see you this morning! and I wish you'd said "hi"! thanks for your kind compliment on my dress too :)


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