Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Little sweetie turns 1

My sweet, little niece turned one this week and, of course, I had to indulge in some rare little girl sewing - living, as I am, in a house full of boys :)

The little, soft shoes are from the 'Make it Perfect' book by Toni Coward. I made them as she's just walking and might need something warmer than bare feet as winter approaches. Here in Oz, many children go barefoot most of the time, which I think is just fantastic, although I know some frown on the practice! I have trouble getting my boys to wear shoes at all.

The shoes/slippers are made with faux silver leather with a thicker brown vinyl sole. They are lined with red panne velvet.

I made size 1 and the fit is perfect. I left off the front strap as it didn't seem to fit such a small shoe. The 'leather' would not ease to fit the sole, hence the gathers. I think they look ok actually and the shoes stayed on all through the rigours of a first birthday party so I was impressed with the pattern.

Next was this all-in-one rain suit. As far as I know, these waterproof suits are not available in Australia, but I did see them in the UK when we lived there (at great expense I might add!)...

...and they didn't have ears on the hood or bling on the sleeves!

I used this pattern, Simplicity 7807 for a fleece all-in-one. I made size 18 months so it would last hopefully two winters.I changed the sleeve and ankle cuffs to be elasticated instead of covered over.

It is a tad roomy!

Ahh, that's better :)

This is made with waterproof fabric from Homecraft Textiles. The fabric has a coating on the inside, but is soft enough to use without lining. It never gets that cold in Perth, so I opted not to line it.

I added the silver ribbon to the sleeves and zip pull and self-made gingham bias binding to the inside of the hood.

These little hip hop-style pants were a last minute addition to the present pile as a request from my sister. I copied them from a pair of well-fitting RTW (ready to wear) pants. They are made from panne velvet and are comfy and cosy and practical. 

Here, being modelled with Grandad while playing with the mini kitchen/hairdressing salon we also got for her.

 Aww, the girliness, it just kills me!


Ms. McCall said...

So so cute! Those pants look comfy enough you might be tempted to make some for yourself!

Adrienne said...

It never hurts to make something a little big, then it will last her longer! By the way I realized I never commented on your pants refashion post, but I have been laughing about your story. I always fall into the trap of, "who cares what I'm wearing, I'm not going to see anyone I know...." And then of course I do!

Lucy Legget said...

These are very cute. The little shoes look like they will stay on and the rainsuit is great. Might have to make a couple of these myself, although we are not going to England this year!!! I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Its seems to be a bit of a chain mail thing but I enjoyed answering the questions on mine so if you would like to answer a few then I'd be really interested!

Unknown said...

This is super cute!!

Megan O said...

Ooh, great idea! I hadn't thought of that ;)

Megan O said...

I agree, it's always when you least expect it that you are caught out in a fashion faux pas! I chuckle about those pants every time I wear them :)

Megan O said...

Wow, that is so cool - thank you :) I think you should make some of these anyway, they are worth it just for the cute factor!

Megan O said...

Thank you. I just melted when I saw her in this!

Juniper said...

Too cute! I love the shoes.


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