Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Scrappy skirt

Just the teeniest-weeniest touch of a chill in the air inspired me to make something for the autumn. I've made this skirt (Burdastyle 11/2012 #124) before in blue cotton lycra for summer and I've worn it and worn it. It's so comfortable and (I think) flattering.

The skirt is supposed to be made from woven fabric, but I used knit for my first version (see my blog post for how I accidentally got this to fit perfectly) and wanted the same zip-less, comfy style for this skirt. I spent some time searching through my rather extensive stash and found some scraps of black and white checked fabric left over from this baby blanket and toy. Perfect!

But it was woven...and there wasn't enough to make the skirt :(

I thought about piecing it with some other fabric. I looked for black and found this textured knit fabric left over from my Metalicus knock-off gathered dress. Hum diddly hum hum, what to do....

...aha, I know!

I rifled through my sewing books and emerged with 'Improv Sewing' by Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut. This was a Christmas present from my parents. In the book is this cool idea for making a woven skirt with stretch side panels so it can be pulled on, without the need for a zip. Yay - the answer to my dilemma!

So, without further ado, I made one.

I used the Burdastyle 11/2012 #124 pattern (without the front welt pockets and without seam allowances). I cut a nice rectangle of checked fabric for the front and back, keeping the pattern fairly symmetrical. Then I laid this on my pattern piece and cut the black knit fabric with some to spare. I stitched the knit to the woven (and topstitched), checked the size against the pattern and trimmed the excess fabric.

Then zoom, zoom, stitched the sides together, whacked on the knit fabric waistband, hemmed it and was wearing it in less than a hour.

Worn (above) with 'Flannel' silk-sleeved t-shirt refashioned by me by adding shirring to the hem and (below) with 'Witchery' chain-embellished top and 'Rubi' shoes.

Love a quick and dirty project :)


  1. There's nothing wrong with doing a super fast project. Cool print choice.

    1. I agree completely, it's good for the soul :) Thank you for the compliment.

  2. This is really cute skirt!

    1. So pleased you like it and thank you for the comment!

  3. The whole outfit is brilliant and I love the shoes (feel jealous when you mention a chill in the air yet still don't need a coat!) Well done for stash busting.

    1. Thank you - and forget the chill in the air, it's back to the high 30C's! When will I ever wear warm clothes again???

  4. This is really sharp! You always have such good design ideas. Oh, and CUTE shoes.


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