Friday, 5 July 2013

Briar, Briar I'm on fire

You may remember that I recently won a voucher for Megan Nielsen patterns from Erin of I heart Fabric. It was a tough choice, but I finally settled on the Briar t-shirt and sweater pattern.

I have not been writing on the blog lately as I have begun an affair with this pattern and made it five times already! These tops are a very satisfying sew - the pattern fits together beautifully, there is lots of scope for creativity and variations, it's quick and easy to sew and the resulting tops are stylish and unique.

These three versions all follow a stashbusting theme. I have an embarrassingly extensive stash and many pieces of fabric are too small to use for a full garment. I spent some time digging these smaller pieces out and putting them together to find happy combinations.

This top is made with t-shirt weight fabric. I love the purple...

...but I'm not sure if the floral is a bit much on the back. I'm wondering about replacing some of it with more purple, but can't decide which part to replace.

I love this white t-shirt with the striped sleeves, pocket and neckline. Very wearable.

Then I finished off some blue fabrics making this version. I had to add the navy blue to the sleeves and back edges as the medium blue fabric was not quite big enough. I quite like the dark accents.

 Yay for new tops to wear and thank you again to Erin for this most excellent prize.

And briefly in other news, I also received my prize for the Pattern Review Accessory contest. It was a 'Fitz like a glove' ironing board cover, felt pad for under the cover and a ironing pressing cloth. Check this out:


 Whoa, it even makes my bathroom look cleaner! The cover was super quick to put on and is lovely quality. Also, a quick word on the pressing cloth - what a revelation. I've never had one before, but it is amazing for protecting delicate fabrics, like some machine knitted fabric I used for yet another Briar that you will have to wait to see. I never thought that excitement could come in the form of a plain cotton rectangle, but there you go, life is full of surprises :)


  1. My favourite is the blue one. I really like the white one as well. I can't really see a problem with the floral one but if you we're to go down the road oif toning it down, I would add a solid bit from the waist to tail.

    1. Yes, I was thinking a similar thing for the floral but I wasn't sure where to start the purple. Time to do some pinning and trying out!

  2. That's one terrific pattern! All your tops look absolutely fantastic. And Yay! for stashbusting!

    1. Thanks so much, it's been fun playing with mixing fabrics.

  3. Nice choice. The blue is a fabulous combination.

  4. Beautiful tops Megan! My favourite is the white with stripy shoulders and pocket! Very smart!

  5. I like the blue combo best! Enjoy wearing your new tops.

  6. Yey well done, especially using up lots of bits. I like the white one best. I've made 2 now and another planned. I noticed yours do the same thing as mine and get a crease on the front near your armpit. It's not major obviously but I was wondering if its a thing that could be fixed and what's causing it ? More fabric nearer the armhole? Different curve on the sleeve? Flatter chest?? Last one less easy to fix. Just something I've been musing on and not worked out yet!

  7. What a difference a new ironing board cover makes! I wait till mine is in shreds... (I cut fabric on it as I like being able to dig scissors under the fabric).

    Well done on 3 versions of the new pattern: us mums need lots of jersey tops!


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