Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Baby car seat blanket and toddler circle skirts

I indulged in a bit of baby sewing recently. The first item was this car seat blanket for a friend's new baby. I followed the tutorial by 'Running with scissors', which was excellent. This picture is not taken of the blanket on a pregnant belly, but rather on a cushion to try to represent the baby!

The blanket is made in the shape of a rounded plus sign. It has three slits for the car seat straps. Once baby is in, the bottom and sides of the blanket fold over to keep him/her nice and warm.

I used green flannelette and pink cotton for the front and back. The sides were finished with a folded lycra strip used as piping and the same lycra was used to bind the edges of the slits.

This was something I would have liked when my boys were babies, so hopefully my friend thought it was useful. I'll be checking her car seat next time I see her!

The other project I whipped up was this circle skirt. I have made lots of children's circle skirts, but I saw this idea on 'Polkadot Overload' and, as suggested, used the circle skirt calculator by 'The Snugbug'. This calculator intrigued me and I wanted to see if it worked on very mini sizes. I can happily report that it does and was so fast and easy that I made two skirts in quick succession for my niece, aged 16 months.

One skirt was made with red panne velvet, to which I added randomly applied ribbon detail, and the other was made with four sample pieces of velvet from one of those sampler things you get/scavenge from posh upholstery shops. The waistband was made from purple knit fabric. Both skirts fit really well, even though one is knit and one is woven (apart from the waistband). 

 I finished each with a rolled hem.

Speaking of those sampler things, I have lots because I am a hoarder and I can't help myself when I get the chance to help myself to outdated ones. They are perfect for small projects like this and some interesting effects can be obtained when they have pieces in graduating colours like these pinks. Some even have larger pieces of fabric big enough to make a women's top or shorts. Yay for upcycling!


Mikhaela Reid said...

Oh I love those little skirts, they are fabulous! I need to make some for my daughter... I didn't even think of doing a toddler version!

Unknown said...

I love the one with four panels! Such a great idea for using up those small pieces of fabric we all have in our stash.

Johnson 90 said...

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Alex John said...

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