Monday, 14 October 2013

Jalie 3132 Hoodie

After seeing all the lovely Jalie creations popping up on Pattern Review in honour of Jalie's 30th birthday, I couldn't help feeling inspired to make a Jalie myself. I chose 3132, which I have made before as a nursing hoodie and as a t-shirt (also this one). In true Jalie spirit, I am also wearing a pair of my many Jalie jeans.

I had this stripy knit fabric that I'd bought from Textile Traders in the half price sale recently. I think I bought a metre for about $5. There wasn't quite enough fabric to make the hood, so I used some black knit fabric from my stash for that.

I was keen to try to match the stripes as much as possible, even though they were a bit wavy. I spent much time placing the front, back and sleeve just right on my fabric. To get the sleeve placing right I matched the sleeve notch with the notch in the armhole and I think it worked pretty well (below).

However, there was a slight fail when I happily held up my cut fabric and realised that, with all my precision, I'd only cut one sleeve and didn't have enough fabric for the second. Oops!

Enter another scrap of black knit fabric.

Hey, what can I say - it balances the hood! I cut the lower section of the second sleeve as best I could to keep the stripes in the right place. It's not perfect, but it'll do and I'm sure I won't make that mistake again. The sleeve cuffs were finished with a strip of black lycra used as foldover elastic, stretched slightly and zig-zagged into place. I used silver grommets/eyelets for the hood tie. These needed reinforcing with some thin vinyl on the inside so they didn't fall out of the delicate knit fabric of the hood. The tie is a shoelace from my box of string-type things (I have many assorted boxes of sewing treasures just waiting for the right use).

And there you have it - a well-fitting, stripe-almost-matching top to take me through spring. I don't think I've ever had a failure with Jalie.


  1. great save for the day!! Congratulations -- I love Jalie and now feel I must buy this pattern -- I'm always game for a hoodie! Great job!

  2. P.S. This happens to me all the time (not enough fabric!) -- but I can see now you are a master at the save.

  3. Good save! Phew!!

    I too am prone to such horrors (when there's something good on the radio and concentration goes!)

    Hoodies are so useful and I like how you picked an unusual fabric for yours. The black sleeve reminded me of how I used to wear T-shirts over my hoodies.

  4. Great Save! I would have freaked out with that mistake and probably not have recovered so gracefully.

  5. Tilton'esque save! So much more character this's just terrific! Well done!

  6. I love this Hoodie! The fabric is very pretty, making it look more dressy.
    Because of the stripes, you can't notice the black 'intruding' sleeve fabric, lol. Looks good.

  7. Meg, I am diggin' this most completely. Excellent Frankenshoulder save. If it were me I would have just tossed it then drank. Bravo You!

  8. Very flattering top. Love how you improvised when you ran short on fabric. Definitely looks like an intentional design feature.

  9. Looks awesome! I recently sewed one of their nursing tops after seeing the white one you made a while back. Love their patterns.


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