Friday, 8 November 2013

Polka dots and ribbons - Jamie jeans and Burdastyle top 05/2013#101

A new outfit!

I recently had my arm twisted by Bronwyn to venture into a spot of online fabric shopping from the US. Well, to be honest, it didn't take too much arm twisting before I was gleefully adding items to my shopping basket at Gorgeous Fabrics. It was all very exciting when the parcel arrived and we oohed and ahhed over each others' purchases.

One of my choices was this grey polka dot stretch suiting fabric, which I bought on sale, but seems to be back at normal price now. I bought it with the Jamie jeans by Named clothing in mind and, I was so in love with it when it arrived, I put my little French jacket to one side and got cracking on the jeans.

I made only two small adjustments to the pattern based on my first pair of Jamie jeans and that was to add approximately 2cm to the lower leg of the jeans so it wasn't quite so tight fitting on the calf and to add approximately 12cm to the length.  Also, this time round I referred extensively to the excellent set of photos by Jennifer R, particularly those concerning the fly insertion. Seriously, Jennifer R deserves a medal for her work explaining this process, which I really struggled with last time. This time, it was perfect! The zip is slightly down in this pic, but trust me.

I do like the detailing on these jeans.

And the fit is brilliant.

I'm loving this fabric too with its flocked polka dots.

I was very excited to put these on at the first opportunity, but when I got dressed I tried on and flung off several tops in different directions before realising that I had nothing to wear with them. Minor panic!

After a quick hunt through my stash, I found this ribbony, grassy border print remnant from Textile Traders. I decided to make the embroidered top #101 from Burdastyle 05/3013. There wasn't quite enough fabric for the top so I added some blue to the sides, which actually seems to improve the balance and make it look less like a nightie. Win!

The pattern consists of two pieces, front and back, with some straps and a dash of bias binding. I chose to make the straps from the same fabric as the top and just made a tube, which I then embroidered with little beads. The top is gathered front and back. The instructions say to gather the front to 10cm, which is far too narrow, so be aware of this if you make one. There was supposed to be a little keyhole opening at the front, but I left that out.

It was difficult to get the finish really neat on the top, but still I'm pleased with it. I love the fabric and the style is very cool and comfortable.

So happy with my new outfit and my first foray into online fabric shopping. Also huge thanks to my sister for taking the photos and directing my poses. It was so nice not to take selfies for a change.


fabric epiphanies said...

The spots are very cool! I like the front leg seam detail as well. Your new top is pretty. I am sure you will get lots if wear from both.

SavageCoco said...

Lovin' the dotsapalooza jeans. But what I REALLY like is that cool sewing charm necklace!

Weddingpalooza happening 'round here, so more later, Luv.

F. K. said...

I love those polka dot jeans!

Jne4sl said...

Both items look great! The dots add a nice texture to the pants but seem subtle enough to read as simple grey. I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of them. Glad the zip worked out!

Gail said...

Amazing work. And thanks for sharing information about named patterns. Great designs.

That's Sew Amy said...

They both look awesome! I really want to make jeans but I'm super intimidated :/

sew2pro said...

You look fab! I love the last portrait your sister took. The bum (your remember what that means, right?) shots are good too: she's obviously a good shoot director.

I really, really must summon up the courage to make jeans: you make it seem very worthwhile and I do wear jeans every day now it's cold!

Unknown said...

Great make Meg. You've done a great job as always.


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