Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Burdastyle Blouse (08/2013 #108) and Jamie Jeans

I know, I know...more Jamie jeans. What can I say? I love this pattern, even though these turned out a bit loose fitting - more on that later.

First, the blouse. It's pattern number 108 from the August 2013 issue of Burdastyle. I was hoping to garner some of the edginess and sex appeal of the model (below), but I think I missed the mark on several levels. Regardless, I'm still quite pleased with this blouse.

Burdastyle 08/2013 #108
I used a busy border print chiffon from Textile Traders. I like the colours and the fabric, but the print makes it difficult to see any of the blouse's details, particularly the neck tie feature. Speaking of which, mine turned out far shorter than the picture in the magazine. I'm not sure what happened there.

I rarely sew with chiffon but I was determined to push myself and do French seams on this blouse, rather than just overlocking the raw edges. I measured the seam allowances carefully and got sewing and turning and sewing again. The blouse ended up way too tight and I nearly flung it at the wall.

After stewing on it for a while, and deciding that I would not be beaten by a few seams, I set to work with the unpicker and re-sewed the bugger.

That worked and I managed to finish the blouse without further incident.

The sleeves are gargantuan in their puffiness, which is not my usual style, but I guess it looks ok in this light fabric.

The cuffs are finished with two little turquoise buttons.

Oh look, you can see the neck ties if I stand like this!

Now, the jeans - Jamie's by Named, as I mentioned. This time I made them from dark, stretch denim and used some topstitching thread in a mustardy colour, just like in real proper jeans from a shop!

 The denim I used was a good weight and had lots of stretch. Mistake. In retrospect, I should have used a less stretchy denim or made the jeans much narrower as, in my experience, very stretchy denim does not produce a good fit with this pattern. Compare the fit of my grey Jamie jeans (below) to the denim ones. Both are made exactly the same size, but the grey fabric has far less stretch than the denim.

It's a shame the denim jeans are a bit baggy as I love everything else about them.

In an attempt to disguise the fact that all the jeans I wear are made from the same pattern, I changed the back pocket detail on these by adding strips of gold leather to make a cross. I also added a second row of topstitching. Now no one will ever know!

 Some detail of the front topstitching:

 So there we have it. A new outfit to strut about the park in.

 Happy sewing!


fabric epiphanies said...

This is my sort of outfit....chic but casual. I really need to make more jeans. I am tempted though this time to sacrifice an old rtw pair.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

I love your chiffon blouse. It looks so feminine with those puffy sleeves and dainty buttons. No one would ever realise that you keep using the same jeans pattern. The different fabrics and embellishments make them all unique. Why change patterns when this one obviously works for you. Maybe the denim will shrink a bit in the wash and give you a closer fit, although I think they look fine as they are. Beautiful outfit.

Unknown said...

Your blouse is beautiful!!!

Gabrielle said...

I love your jeans - they actually look great on you, even if they feel too loose! And I'm with Jean, noone is going to realize the jeans are "the same"... They all differ! I think as far as it'll go is that some people will think you like a particular type of cut for your jeans, which'll be the same as being the kind of person that really likes boot cut jeans or capris. Oh and I also wanted to mention that I am loving your photos - they're absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I like your jeans! Have been psyching up to sew myself a pair.

Gail said...

I love your new blouse. I'm not sure why you think your jeans are baggy. Not seeing it in the photographs!

SavageCoco said...

You're the best model, EVER. Oh, nice sewing job, too. . .

Carolyn said...

What a gorgeous outfit on you! Both pieces are utterly fabulous. I adore the blouse :)


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