Tuesday, 19 August 2014

For wearing everyday - Jamie jeans and a Briar t-shirt

I've made both these patterns several times each, but I do love them so! The jeans are Jamie jeans by Named and the top is a Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt.

 There is a little change to the Briar pattern though. A couple of changes actually. The most obvious is that I've used a woven fabric for the back. To make sure there was enough movement in the t-shirt, I added a pleat at the centre back that was sewn down for around 10cm. To create this I placed the back pattern piece about an inch away from the fold of the fabric so it was slightly wider than usual. This worked well and the top is really comfortable.

The back is made from a piece of curtaining fabric that came as part of a sample pack. I picked it up from Remida, the creative reuse centre in Perth. The front and sleeves are made from a scrap of black knit fabric that I had to join together to get a piece large enough to use. I think the seam makes quite a nice feature at the front.

The second modification was to change the front hemline slightly so it has a more gentle upward curve. I am pleased with this subtle change.

The jeans are made according to the pattern with extra length added to the hems. I used a pinstriped fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is fairly light for a denim and has only slight stretch. This is a great fabric for this pattern and I'm pleased with the fit this time.

 I played with stripe direction for the back pockets. I should have hitched the jeans up a bit for this photo!

The front. Not much to say apart from using red thread for the bar tacks in the hope of a ready-to-wear look.

I've already worn both of these items several times. They are comfortable and practical, so perfect for my wardrobe.

 I notice that Named have recently released their new collection. I have been eyeing a few of the new designs, including their Wyome boyfriend Jeans. I wonder if I would love them as much as the Jamies. Someone hurry up and make some so I can decide!


katherine h said...

You look great! I like the changes you made to the briar. A like the idea of a woven back.

Sue said...

Love the woven back hack - thanks for showing it. Your outfit looks great!

Jne4sl said...

Agree the reinforced tuck in the woven back tee looks excellent. Love the colors, I'd have both in constant rotation. Love the Jamie's in stripe and I was still looking for the perfect dot. I've purchased and assembled the boyfriend jeans but will probably move slow as there's just a hint of Autumn here. I can't imagine I'll like them as much as the Jamies but I was looking to change up my jeans silhouette and they should be just the thing.

Janet said...

They look awesome!

SavageCoco said...

A. Dor. Able.

fabric epiphanies said...

Great fabric mixing on the tee! I must remember this trick with my own remnants. The jeans look fabulous.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

I really love this whole outfit.


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