Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lisette traveller dress - Simplicity 2246

I've been noticing chambray dresses here and there on the internet and suddenly I had a burning desire for one. I chose Simplicity 2246 as the picture looked pretty much exactly like the dress I wanted in style and fabric. Yep, zero creativity for this one!

Simplicity 2246
I looked in my stash and, sure enough, there was some chambray left over from the last time it was in fashion. When would that have been - the 80s, 90s? I love it when I've held on to something and it comes back into fashion!

This dress was straightforward to sew. I made size 12, one size below my measurements, and it's a good fit apart from the shoulders being just a tiny bit tight across the back when I put my arms forward.

I only had just enough fabric so the sleeves had to be elbow length and I had to leave off the collar. As it turned out, I quite like the simplicity of the collar stand without the collar and I'm happy with the sleeve length. The button panel and hems are topstitched with white thread.

I love the chambray and I'm always a fan of shirt dresses. It's funny how this fabric was so 'out' that it languished in the cupboard for years and now I just wish I had a bit more to make something else!


  1. Lovely dress and yes, chambray is having a moment. I've got some in the stash that will be transforming into a dress very soon.

  2. It looks terrific on you! and I like the collar stand without the collar too, and the sleeve length. This modern sporty chic look is so gorgeous on you. I think we have similar tastes :)

  3. You'd never know that you ran out of fabric! You'll probably get more use out of it with shorter sleeves anyway. It looks great on you!

  4. Looks super, very on~trend ... J

  5. Ooooh lovely. Im pretty sure you're gonna get stax of wear out of this.

  6. I love this. I'm totally into the whole chambray thing too but found it impossible to find ( except online from the US!). Lucky you for having some in your stash.

  7. Great dress - easy for work or play.

  8. Glad I found your blog! I love your makes.


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