Monday, 22 September 2014

Long-sleeved tee with pleat - Burdastyle 03/2014#114

I stumbled upon a fabric sale a few weeks ago at a manufacturer of high-end dresses. There were lots of lovely silks and fancy fabrics on rolls as well as big boxes of scraps. Of course, I couldn't help but rummage in the boxes. I love a good rummage! One of my finds was this lovely, soft, printed jersey in black and beige. It's beautiful quality and cost around $7. I went through my patterns and decided on this long-sleeved tee from the March 2014 issue of Burdastyle.

Burdastyle 03/2014#114
The interesting thing about this pattern is the little pleat, centre front and centre back, at the hemline.

Giving the illusion of a penis and a tail when standing side-on. And when you've finished admiring that aspect, check out my new boots! Bought last week on sale at Seed, 60% off. Love these.

The pleat is actually quite flattering I think, as long as it's not viewed side-on of course. It adds a bit of interest to the top.

I was short on fabric - again - so made the sleeves mostly black, from a scrap of viscose knit, with cuffs made from the main print. The neckline is also black.

I finished the hem and sleeves with a stretch stitch on my sewing machine. I usually use a twin needle for hems as I like the finish, but I find that the stitches often pop undone after a while. This was an experiment to see how the different hem stitch looks and holds up under pressure.

This was a pretty simple top to make. The hardest part is working out how to fold the pleat, which did take me some thinking. After that it's smooth sailing. This top is so comfortable and, thanks to the lovely fabric, quite stylish I think. I can see it being very well used until the weather warms up.

Worn with ponte pants (pointy pants if you turn me sideways!).


Bronwyn said...

Ok, just one question. No, two - first, why didn't you take me to the fabric sale, and second, where did you take the photos? I love it.

Andrea F said...

You're too funny! What a simple twist (or pleat as the case may be) on a simple T-pattern.

Megan O said...

Next time Bronwyn, but you have to promise to actually use the fabric!!

Megan O said...

Sorry, couldn't help myself. It must be all the boys in my house. Thank you!

Coco said...

LOL...what a great buy from the rummage box! Great fabric. Not sure I can wear the pointy look, but you look lovely in it. And great boots!

fabric epiphanies said...

What an interesting top! I like the contrasting black and it goes so well with the pants and boots! This is the sort of outfit I love for weekend wear.

Sue said...

Love your fabric mix in this top.

Gail said...

I really love the fabric combo...not mad about the tuck in the design but that is just a matter of taste.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic fabric and I love the top with the pleat - it really lifts it out of the ordinary.

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