Sunday, 12 April 2015

StyleArc Lola farm-style

An upcoming four-day getaway in Yallingup, three hours south of Perth, prompted a holiday pants sewing session. We stayed at a farm in the bush, which was just idyllic. The boys rode horses and tractors and ate passionfruit from the vine to the point that I seriously feared for their digestion. It was only ten minutes drive to the wild and beautiful Yallingup beach where these photos were taken.

The pants are StyleArc lola, which I have made before and which are the ultimate in comfy-but-still cool-to-be-seen-wearing attire. I think so anyway! The first pair were made with silk charmeuse, which gave a completely different look to these, made with open-weave, silk/linen from Homecraft Textiles. I have also made some in fleece (unblogged), which are super cosy, while retaining the fashionable shape - think Papercut Anima or True Bias Hudson Pants.

I like the look of these rolled up, boyfriend-style, but I can also vouch for them worn with Blundstone boots (Blundies) for instant farm chic!

 That's me Alabama Chanin-ing under the fruit trees.

This random beach dog was suitably impressed.

There's not much more to say about these, but I just love the relaxed fit, the pocket placement (I used navy cotton for the pockets, see below for a peek) and the elastic waist, which is essential for long lunches at local wineries. The silk/linen was a good choice as it doesn't crease and feels cool in the sun and warm enough in the wind. It frayed like crazy while sewing, but submitted nicely to the overlocker. I would have loved this fabric as a dress too, but pants are more practical as autumn sets in, not to mention the pattern hiding a multitude of farm dirt!

I'll leave you with a gorgeous Australian Kelpie controlling some wayward sheep.


  1. What lovely fabric. I wear my Animas constantly. Stylish and comfortable pants are always a winning combination.

  2. I like your Lolas. I never would have thought of making them up in silk linen.

  3. Those pants are downright pretty! I never would have used silk linen, in fact I've never made anything in silk linen. Now I will. :)

  4. Those are the most stylish farm trousers I've ever seen. Silk linen sounds lovely to wear.

  5. These look great. Love the fabric.

  6. They look great. I had planned to make something similar during the summer and lost sight of the goal.

  7. I absolutely love these trousers! So much so that I'm tempted to buy this pattern :) I had a RTW pair a few years ago like this - they were great for hot weather while covering the legs.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I'm so addicted to printed pants at the moment - yours are gorgeous! Seriously, the number of times I've hovered over the 'add to cart' button on the Lola's is ridiculous. I keep telling myself, I'll get them next time. Now I really do need to get them next time. Silk Linen? Divine.

  9. What perfect pants for the beach, and your dog is gorgeous!


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