Thursday, 30 July 2015

Xerea Dress - Summer version

I was so happy with my recent winter version of the Pauline Alice Xerea Dress, I decided to quickly whip up another one to wear on our recent Singapore holiday. This time I made the dress exactly as specified in the pattern. 

I found this printed 100% cotton in Spotlight. It features pictures of vintage Italian motor scooters being ridden by gorgeous girls. I'd hoped, as the wearer of this seductive print, that I might absorb some of the glamour myself, but it seems to have eluded me thus far (hat hair and backpack strap wrinkles duly noted. I may have got away with wearing those neoprene Crocs).

These pictures are taken on Victoria Street, Singapore following my successful fabric shopping stint and just before a fabulous lunch in a Turkish restaurant.

Stop posing for blog pics Mum, you need to buy these for us!

 The restaurant we chose is behind me and along on the right in the picture above.

Anyway, enough about food and back to the dress. I had bought a navy cotton for the side panels, yoke and sleeves, but a vision of this flower embroidered denim came to me as I was dozing off to sleep the night before cutting out the pattern. It was an op shop purchase from way back and I had just enough. I like it! I think the dress would have looked good sleeveless, but I decided to be sun-smart and protect the old shoulders with the short sleeved version of the pattern.

Clarke Quay, Singapore

I like the fabric combo in this dress, it feels fun to wear. I love the pockets and I love the style. I worried that the dress was a bit short, but Mr M. disagreed. I'm not sure I'm entirely convinced! It was the perfect dress to take on holiday to stay cool and practical (as long as I didn't bend over too far). I even washed it and wore it again and you can hardly even tell it wasn't ironed!


  1. Great dress, think I might need this pattern.

  2. What a great dress! I really like the pockets and the fabric is really unique. Staying stylish while travelling is quite a challenge when practicalities demand sensible shoes and back packs.

    1. You are so right, but I choose comfort over style if it comes down to it!

  3. Very cute dress. Love your choice of fabrics too.

  4. Cute fabric. You find the best things! But who took the photos?

    1. It was Mr M. who fancies himself as an award winning photographer (his words)!

  5. Wow, Megan, this dress is so cute, and why don't I see this sort of fabric in Spotlight? Your contrasting fabric choice is inspired. Gorgeousness all round and it looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

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