Sunday, 22 November 2015

Megan Nielsen Mini Tania Culottes

Living in a house full of boys, I don't get many chances to sew girly clothes. However, I do have two nieces, so when Megan Nielsen was looking for pattern testers for her new girls collection, I jumped at the chance.

These are the Mini Tania Culottes - little shorts that look like skirts. Girly and practical, the perfect combination.

The Mini Tania pattern comes in three lengths, short, above the knee and below the knee. I made the shortest length and I think it's just right, cute without being too short.

I have made Megan Nielsen patterns before for myself and have always been impressed. The instructions are very clear and the patterns are well drafted and carefully thought out. The children's patterns are made to the same high standard. These culottes were super easy to make and the instructions gave enough information for a beginner to achieve a professional result.

I chose the sizes based on the girls' measurements and they were spot on for their ages. The fit is perfect.

I made both these pairs from white cotton calico. The smallest pair was embellished with circles of calico that I had sprayed with Tumble Dye, cut out then sewn on to the culottes. The Tumble Dyes were bought from Dharma Trading.

The blue pair were shibori dyed in navy blue dye that had been used a few times for other things, so it gave a pale denim colour. The circles were produced by stitching, a method I found in my book 'The Modern Natural Dyer' by Kristine Vejar. I love this book as a very practical introduction to natural dyeing.

The front and back of the garment was pinned together and stitched as one piece to save on sewing. I drew circles with disappearing ink and pinned the two layers together.

I then stitched around each circle, with the stitches extending about 1cm inside the circle. Once complete, the thread was pulled tight and knotted ready for dyeing.

I was really pleased with the effect this produced.

The girls loved their culottes and have worn them a lot since they were made a couple of months ago.

 They also enjoyed the photoshoot!

Such little cuties.

I've got lots more girly sewing planned for Christmas prezzies. Hello Mini Briar tee and Mini Virginia leggings!


Andrea F said...

What a cool dyeing effect! I love these culottes, and love, love, love the circles. They are super cute.

Nicki said...

Very cute! Now I know where the indigo went!

Barbara said...

I didn't know Megan had a children's line! Those culottes will be great for school. I foresee a few pairs of these in my sewing future.

Eileensews said...

Love the culottes, especially the circle dyed one. Cute nieces!

Unknown said...

Your dyeing and applique is so creative! You would probably pay hundreds of dollars for the same thing in a boutique. I love that your neices posed together. So cute! They are awesome models :)

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

These are just too cute! Love your dying technique...beautiful result.

Valerie said...

The culottes are so cute! Your stitched tie dye is so clever, I haven't seen this method before ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! said...

Lovely skirts and lovely girls! Magical photos. Thank you for a nice sunny mood)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how did this post not hit my feed? I adore what you've done with these culottes, the dyeing is quite remarkable and those little girls look gorgeous in their new outfits. I love the posing!

Unknown said...

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