Thursday, 21 January 2016

Named Wyome Jeans

I have made the Named Wyome Boyfriend Jeans before, but I changed the pattern a bit this time to get more of a loose, boyfriend fit. These jeans look much looser on the Named model than in real life if you follow the size chart and I have seen others make a larger size, for example Novita who made a gorgeous pair one size larger than her usual size.

Rather than print and tape together a second PDF in a larger size, I decided to cheat a bit and just cut it out a bit bigger than the size 40 pattern that I had used last time. I kept the crotch curve the same (which I had previously altered to be more like the Named Jamie jeans curve) and just cut about a centimetre bigger around each pattern piece. I kept the front pockets the same as my original pattern and used the Jamie jeans back pockets and pocket placement. The pocket stitching design is from the Wyome pattern. I tried these on as I went and took in the side seams a bit to achieve the fit I liked.

I used a heavy cotton drill fabric (no stretch) that I had bought for $2 in the Potter's Textiles remnant bin. There wasn't quite enough to get all the pieces on there, so I used a bit of leather from Remida for the back yoke and front upper pockets. I love adding a bit of leather here and there on jeans and I merrily throw it in the washing machine and hang it in the sun with no ill effects.

These haven't ended up super loose, but they do feel much looser than my usual skinny jeans style. I love them! They are so casual and comfortable. In fact, I got a bit carried away and decided to distress them a bit. I got the cheese grater out and shredded the left back pocket and left mid thigh.

The first time I wore these my son pointed out the shredded patches in horror. "Oh yeah, I know" says totally cool Mum (me), "I did that on purpose". He stared at me in disbelief for a long time, trying to come to terms with why I would damage a new, handmade pair of jeans. "You shouldn't have done that" he said. Now I wouldn't admit it to him, but I think he was right. Oh well, it was rather fun doing it!

So there we are. Distressed boyfriend jeans with leather accents. They could be looser and more boyfriendy, but I'm pretty happy!

T-shirt from Uniqlo, Singapore. Sandals from Beverly Hills Polo Club, Singapore.


Anonymous said...

You really are the boss of jeans, these are amazing. I love the leather, and your topstitching. I laughed at the cheese grater bit. I sanded a pair of Mark's that I made but didn't get them even and have been furiously washing them to try and hide all the sanded bits.

Megan O said...

Ha ha, I should have talked to you first!

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Great jeans Megan, or should I say "grated jeans". I love the relaxed fit you have achieved with this pair and the leather accents are an interesting touch.

Nancy K said...

These are great jeans! I love the leather. Do you wash it before you use it? It's a great use for remnants.

KathyS said...

Excellent pair of jeans. I love the slightly looser look and the leather accents. They look great.

Megan O said...

Thanks for the grate comment!

Megan O said...

Thank you! No I don't wash the leather first and I've never had any trouble with it shrinking or suffering in the wash.

Megan O said...

Thank you Kathy.

Gail said...

I bought this pattern after seeing your first linen(y) pair. Love these even more and it has prompted me to get on with sewing them.

Megan O said...

Oh wow, that's great! I had to adjust the fit more than I'm used to with this pattern, but it's worth persevering x

fabric epiphanies said...

Ooh the leather was a stroke of brilliance! These look fantastic!

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