Thursday, 31 March 2016

Madeleine Bow Tie Blouse - Named Royals Collection

I love pattern testing for Named and this was the first of two pieces I tested for the brand new SS16 Royals Collection. This is the Madeleine Bow Tie blouse. Stay tuned for the Marie Dress, to be blogged soon!

I made my usual size 40 according to the size chart and the fit of this is absolutely spot on. It is slim-fitting, but just right and no pulling across the shoulders. 

When I first saw the picture of this blouse, I wasn't sure quite how the yoke detail worked. It is actually trimmed with ribbon or piping which is pressed away from the yoke to give this interesting, three dimensional effect. The collar is also trimmed with ribbon with extra length for a bow.

I used a white cotton woven fabric for the blouse and blue polka dot ribbon trim. The pattern calls for 4cm (1.5") wide ribbon that is folded in half and sewn to the yoke. I had trouble finding ribbon I liked in the 4cm wide category so, after standing for so long in the Spotlight ribbon aisle that they thought I'd moved in, I bought 2.2cm (7/8") wide ribbon instead and sewed two lengths together (wrong sides facing). This worked perfectly. The neckline trim is supposed to be a single ribbon 1-1.5cm wide and I found matching 1cm ribbon, so that was good. 

Regarding the ribbon I would say: don't stress if you can't find matching 4cm and 1.5cm ribbon, just buy a 1.5-2cm wide ribbon that you love and use it everywhere. 

The cuff is gathered and elegant and features four buttons. This is not a garment to be thrown off quickly in the throes of passion, but the prettiness of the cuffs makes up for that!

I would say that this is a project for someone with some sewing experience, but it is not difficult and the instructions are very helpful. Here are a few more pictures:


Some full-length pictures, worn with my Named Jamie jeans:

With the neck open...

...and the sleeves rolled up!

This is a fun and elegant design that gives a fresh take on an ordinary blouse. I love it!


Sew2pro said...

That is so sexy... in a 'of course you can't have me' sort of way. I love clothes like this, that fit well and show off craftsmanship. The cuffs look immaculate (they're beautiful). A beginner sewist would be better off not using contrasting colours for the details in case any little faults show up but as long as the fit is good, it's probably a good progression pattern.

Megan O said...

Ooh la la, thanks Marianna! I think this would suit you actually.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Very elegant blouse with a lovely fit. The ribbon trim is an eyecatching detail. Beautifully sewn.

Anonymous said...

I love it too! That contrast really gives it a crisp feel. Perfection!

Megan O said...

It's a lovely pattern. Thank you!

Megan O said...

Yay for polka dots!

KathyS said...

I do like a nicely fitted blouse and that one is very shapely. The whole effect is very elegant without being too dressy to wear with jeans. Love the spotted ribbon, too.

claire ross said...

Beautiful. X

Gail said...

Very nice. I really like it worn more casually with the open neck and rolled up sleeves.

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