Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Undies for all the family - Free patterns

I don't usually post my handmade undies, but I have recently used two excellent free patterns and I had to share the love. 

Joost de Cock boxer briefs line drawing

The first pattern was for men's boxers. This is a really comfortable and well thought out pattern by Joost de Cock. Not only is it free, but the pattern is custom made to your guy's measurements so it fits perfectly. There are several other patterns too. Joost's custom pattern website is amazing and must have been an incredible amount of work. If you like it do consider donating to buy him a coffee or two and say thanks!

I started with a pair of boxers for my husband. I created a profile for him on Joost's website and put in the necessary measurements. The resulting pattern was very quick to tape together and it took only about five minutes to whizz up the seams on the overlocker. Before adding the elastic and finishing the hems, I decided to have a play with my coverstitch machine. I was experimenting so don't look too closely!

As soon as I showed these to my husband, he excitedly put them on. The fit was perfect and much prancing and strutting ensued (him, not me). I will spare you any pictures of that and show you the boxers with an assortment of fruit to give an idea of fit (sorry!). These have a double line of two-needle coverstitching on the seams.

Spurred on by my success I decided to have a go at making more boxers for my teen and pre-teen sons. I wasn't sure that the custom pattern would go small enough for their slim sizes, but it did. As before I used cotton lycra with two way stretch. This time I used slightly different coverstitching.

Again the fit was perfect. I was really pleased about this as I have been making boxers for my sons for years (they refuse to wear anything else) and grading up my simple, self drafted pattern as they grew. It had just about got to the stage where the fit was no longer quite right and a new approach was needed, so this came just in time.

The only part I altered here was to curve the tip of the front dart slightly so it wasn't quite so pointy. However, I have just noticed while writing this that Joost coverstitches this seam as well right up to the waistband, which would smooth off this area.

Here is the back:

So there we are, perfectly fitting boxers for all the men and boys - fantastic!

But wait, there's more! Not content with being the only member of the household without a sporty pair of blue underwear, I whizzed myself up a pair of knickers using the free Noelle pattern by Madalynne. These are very high waisted so I took 3cm off the top. I also sized down one size from that indicated by my measurements. The result - perfectly fitting and super-comfortable. I love these.

Let the undies party commence!


Bronwyn said...

You're terrible, Muriel! And exactly *what* measurements do you need to do for the blokes to ensure an exact fit? Wait, I don't need to know. Nice work as always. I think a family photo would have been in order....

Megan O said...

Woah ho, wouldn't you like to know. Let's just say that the tape measure saw places it had never seen before. I tried for a family pic, but meet with resistance from the younger contingent!

Anonymous said...

I love that you've made undies for the whole family. These look so good: I've made some too and they are fabulous.

Megan O said...

Fantastic, I'm so pleased yours were a success too!

sew2pro said...

For such useful, practical garments, I sure got a smile or two!! Very nicely done... and love the comments!

Megan O said...

I think this has been the most hilarious pattern I've ever made, what with the measurements and the fashion parades, but most of the funny stuff was too risque to include!

Andrea F said...

I'm sure my husband would love to be in on a measuring session for these! My son, not so much. These look great. And men can be so hard to please with undies, so congratulations are in order for keeping the whole family happy!

Unknown said...

Hey Meg, thank you for this post! I'm SO excited to try making boxers for my husband. And you make all your boys underwear?? Wow, I'm slipping in the mom department! Thanks again for this post!

Megan O said...

That is so fantastic, I'm so pleased you have been inspired. And yes I make underwear for my boys but cooking and cleaning take a back seat. We have to be awesome mums in the best way we know how!!

Megan O said...

Oh yes, husbands have to take what they can get, poor things!

Gail said...

Jock the Cock - OMG I laughed! They are pretty fantastic but I can't get my husband out of cotton boxer shorts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, I'd never heard of the guy... and honestly I wouldn't have believed the name if you weren't the source. Belgian, ah, now the name makes sense.
May try these patterns out. Thanks.
Mary in Thailand

Megan O said...

Thanks Gail, there was much hilarity here too. Fab pattern though!

Megan O said...

I know, but I can't speak highly enough of these patterns. Give it a go!

bobemm said...

LOVE the use of fruit, on so many levels. I won't lower the standards of your lovely blog by commenting further! Thanks for the reviews.

bobemm said...

LOVE the use of fruit, on so many levels. I won't lower the standards of your lovely blog by commenting further! Thanks for the reviews.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Awesome work Megan!

Megan O said...

Ha ha! Lower the standards anytime, it's way more fun!

Megan O said...

Thank you!

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