Sunday, 27 August 2017

Tessuti Yuki Dress

This is my first time making a Tessuti pattern, but I couldn't resist the Yuki Dress. It's just the sort of dress to wear when I want to eat a big lunch and feel completely comfortable! Having said that, I could probably have gone down a size from the Medium as it is a bit roomy. 


What drew me to this pattern was the neckline, which has a funnel style piece gathered in at the top with a drawstring. The dress itself is a simple cocoon shape with side seam pockets.

I made the dress with a thick, spongy, wool blend (I think) from the Morrison sale. I used blue and black printed knit from a $5 remnant bag from Potter Textiles for the neck and a twisty drawstring I found in my bag of strings. Since this is a winter dress, I made a Nettie Bodysuit to go underneath and added some of the remnant fabric to the sleeves. I also made black Virginia leggings to complete the outfit.

It was difficult to photograph this black outfit on a dull day, but you can just about see the details.

I really like the simplicity of this pattern and it was very quick and easy to sew. I thought the instructions were good too. The dress, although slightly big, is so lovely and cosy to wear and I love the overall effect of the contrasting neckline and matching bodysuit sleeves.


  1. This is another winner! I love reading your blog as you sew unusual patterns with unique fabric combinations creating great fashions. Thanks for sharing. Karen

  2. Love your whole outfit! It's just the sort of outfit I wear all the time :) I'm a big fan of Tessuti. I just finished their Pia Dress and have their Leni in my stash as well. Their instructions are amazing! Full colour photos - excellent.

  3. Love this whole outfit! Great idea to add the contrasting fabric to the neckline and the sleeves. Looks very comfortable and stylish too. I have never made a Tessuti pattern before either, but they do have a few I wouldn't mind trying.

  4. Pretty dress! This is one of my fav sewing patterns Ive seen online!

  5. This looks great Megan! It's really chic and comfy looking ... the perfect winter ensemble! xx

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  7. Wow, it looks really cool and stylish. And just one sight on those pictures can tell you how comfortable that dress is. I think it's even more important to the clothes - to be comfort before cool looking. Especially if you are planning to wear clothes casual, to the office or something. It's because when I'm busy for the whole day, writing the article about tips, I need to think about text, not abou how comfortable I am in my clothes.

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