Thursday, 14 September 2017

Named Earth Science Collection - Beryl Bomber Dress

This was, without a doubt, my favourite pattern when I first saw the new Named Earth Science Collection. I was a pattern tester for this, the Beryl Bomber Dress, as well as for the Gaia Coat (review coming soon). I love how unique this dress is and the cool, casual vibe of the pattern. The lightened photo below shows some of the features including the bomber jacket style ribbed collar, the elasticated waistband and cuffs, big pockets, front zip and slit at the hem.

The sleeves are integrated into the front and back yoke, which is another lovely feature. I made a mistake on this version and cut the back yoke in two pieces instead of on the fold, so had to insert a 'design feature' to cover the error. I was already adding more topstitching than the pattern indicted, so I think I got away with it. The little tab on the back yoke is also a cute feature of this pattern.

I made this dress from non-stretch denim in a medium weight. I like to cut patterns out with absolute minimal fabric wastage and found the fabric requirements in the pattern to be spot on, which was great. Parts of this pattern were a bit tricky, but the instructions and diagrams were very good.

The denim was possibly slightly heavy for the style as the front doesn't sit quite flat below the front yoke. The layers of fabric in this area were quite thick as I used very sturdy ribbing for the collar in addition to the thick denim. I could also have done with wearing a more supportive bra, but I was in a hurry to get the pictures done! I think in a softer fabric, this would not be an issue. Otherwise I love this dress. It feels completely comfy, cosy and very stylish. It is so refreshing to see a completely different style of dress pattern and this one is right up my street. Definitely check out the new Named collection for some other unique designs.


  1. Love this! Just when I thought I did not need anymore patterns!

  2. That's one of the most original dresses I've seen. Trust you to find it first! Loving the top stitching and the "feature" on the back.

  3. I love your dress too! It's such a mix of all sorts of things that together make it stylish and so versatile. You could almost wear it like a jacket over top of a turtle-neck and leggings for a nice autumn walk and look very trendy at the same time!

  4. A refreshing design, as you point it out! I perused their new collection yesterday but did not notice this dress. I think your version in denim really makes the original features pop out better. Great job!

  5. Yes, this is really different and some of those features enhance its uniqueness. I love it in denim!

  6. this dress is so cool! I love it's unique little bomber-to-dress twist, and that you made it in denim! :)

  7. Trust you to find it first! Loving the top stitching and the "feature" on the back.

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