Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Updating a teen bedroom using Photowall - and discount code

My younger teenage son takes great pride in his bedroom (the older one not so much!). He saved up for a computer, which he built himself, plus all the accessories. He tidies his room every evening so it can look as good as possible. However, for a long time now he's been asking me if we can get a poster for his 'gaming' wall. I had to admit, the wall needed something. It was bland and boring.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Photowall. They are a US-based company (which ships internationally) that makes wallpaper, posters and canvas prints. They wanted to know if I could help them promote their company by writing a review. I immediately thought of this bare wall and asked my son if he would like to order a canvas print.

The two of us got on the Photowall website (see links below, you can go to specific country sites, depending on where you live). There is a choice of print types - wallpaper, posters or canvas prints. I was very tempted by the wallpaper, but we settled on a canvas print. You can then browse through a huge and enticing array of prints or upload your own image.

This is an example of the image choice. They are listed under different categories to make choosing what you want a bit easier. My son very quickly chose a beautiful snowy scene featuring the Aurora Borealis. A very cool feature of the service is that you can resize or crop the image so it has the proportions to best suit your space. I made the canvas wider and cropped it vertically, before resizing it to dimensions (1.2m wide from memory) that I thought would look good.

In no time the parcel arrived. The shipping was very fast from the US to Australia. You can see from the box, that some kind of assembly was required. Full and clear instructions are provided on the Photowall website.

The parts included: the rolled-up canvas print, the frame in four sections, some corner brackets and screws and a mounting bracket and screw.

Each frame section had a piece of double-sided tape along one edge. We just needed to mark 12mm from the pre-cut corners of the print as a guide to where to place the frame.

Then we peeled of the tape and placed each frame piece along the edge of the canvas inside the pencil marks.

The frame then gets rolled inwards, where it matches up perfectly, and is held in place with the corner brackets and screws. It really couldn't have been easier to put together.

We then drilled into the wall to attach the mounting bracket, put up the print and stood back to admire the transformation. My son also bought a strip of LED lights on eBay, which we stuck along the back of his desk. He is over the moon with the whole effect.

The northern lights in the print almost appear to change colour with the LED lights, giving it an extra dimension.

These photos really don't do justice to this print. It is very high quality and looks beautiful on the wall. The frame is strong and the mounting bracket holds it firmly in place.

If you would like to buy your own print or wallpaper, Photowall are offering a huge 25% discount for the next month if you use the code meggipeg2021

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