Hi, I'm Megan. Meggipeg was my childhood nickname.

My philosophy is to live life doing what I love and keep housework to the necessary minimum! When I'm not happily ensconced in my sewing room I might be outside playing with my indigo dye vat or visiting a sewing friend to do some wool felting. I make all my clothes and now it feels strange not to wear something I've made.

I am the only girl in a house full of boys (my husband, two sons and the dog). I make things for my family and often volunteer to make dance costumes for their Hip Hop concerts or costumes for school productions.

Like most sewers, I have a pattern and fabric addiction and yes, it's taking over my house. I buy most of my fabric locally and often find it in op shops or Remida, a local recycling centre. I love Indie patterns and really enjoy pattern testing when I get the chance. I also collect Burdastyle magazines and buy patterns from the 'Big 4' on the rare occasion they are on sale in Perth.

I don't document all my sewing on the blog, but try to keep it interesting when I try new patterns or ideas. I refer to my own blog often as a reminder of how I made something, so at least I know someone is reading it! If you are interested in anything I have made, I would love to hear from you.

If you would like to send me an email, please use madebymeggipeg@gmail.com

Bedroom makeover series The Hair Experiment


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